Beautiful 12 Day Old Baby Girl

What a true pleasure it was to photograph this darling 12 day old baby girl.  Mom was very organized and booked with me months in advance (I love that!!).  She organized the co-ordinated looks for her family’s clothes with various shades of blues and oranges (very pretty!) and sent a very detailed map to her home.  Love it!  Mom is not only a Mom, but a teacher and a blogger (she blogged right after baby was born…….impressive!!).

Here are a few favorites of their little darling girl….isn’t she precious?



Her “big brother” was such a great helper on the day.  Here he is holding baby (yes, she is getting sleepy again….so much work posing for us).  I really love their interaction here.  Precious.  


Here is another sweet shot of them together.  Big brother looks so handsome and grown up!


Let’s not forget Nana, she was critical to getting baby back to sleep.


Ut oh Nana…….we’d love your help again!!


Here is Mom enjoying her precious little bundle of joy…….


Now Dad’s turn…..


Ok Dad, give Mom and big smooch please….


What a lovely family!


Thank you for the true pleasure of photographing your family!


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